Casting Stone 1kg Bag


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Mixing instructions:
Two part plaster to one part water.
Sprinkle plaster into clean water.
Mix slowly to a thick creamy consistency.
After mixing the 2 part you have about less then 8min to pour into the mold
Can be demold after an hour.

Tip – You may use mica powder pigments to give your casting a bit of color – However please keep in mind the pigment will not give a strong solid color in fact your color can be different from the color you have chosen from.
For an example what we have experience, we have used bronze pigment into the casting and it turned out to be a very light pink color.

Please Keep In Mind – The finish product of the casting stone are fragile and will break when it fall down to the ground and adding pigment as well can also weakened the casting. The casting stone came out pure white and we were just thinking out of the box how can we tint the casting stone and we came up with an idea to use the mica powder pigment we have done some testing and it seems to work just fine.

We add the pigment in when mixing the two part plaster and one part water together, unfortunately we can not say how much pigment need to be added, we have just added pigment in until we were happy with the color.

Second photo are just an example for the finished product.

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