Silicone Mould Solid Sphere Ball Shapes – Individuals


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Silicone moulds are a flexible silicone rubber that can be used with cement, concrete, polymer clay, polyester resin, polyurethane resin and epoxy resin. These silicone moulds are flexible and re-usable.

● 8 Size Available: You can purchase according to your personal preference.
● Easy to Use: Just pour your casting material into the mold, and you will get a glossy crystal sphere, suggestively to pour in a couple of layers to prevent some resin fillers keeping floating like dry flowers.
● Material: Made of premium silicone, durable & flexible; and you can see the inside exactly while you are working on this transparent mold.
● Application: The clear ball silicone is for making crystal sphere ball, paperweight, resin sphere ornaments, soap, candle and so on.

Temperature Limit: This mold permitted useful temperature range is between -20℃ to 200℃.


2.4×2.5cm, 2.7cm, 2.7×2.8cm, 2.9×2.7cm, 3.5×3.3cm, 3.9×3.8cm, 5.4×5.1cm, 5.9×5.9cm, 8.5×8.3cm

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