Resin Beginners Starter Kit – Octagon Coater


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This kit includes the following

200ml Epoxy resin 1.1 ratio Set – 100ml Resin / 100ml Hardener 

100ml Mixing Cup x1
50ml Mixing Cup x3
Wooden Stirring Stick x2
Extra Stirring Stick x3

Pure white liquid pigment 10ml x1
Pitch black liquid pigment 10ml x1
Brown liquid pigment 10ml x1

Octagon coater mold ,size – 111x111x12 mm x2

Silver foil leaf x 5 Sheets

Fine gold flakes pods x2

A full instruction guidance list will be giving.

Easy to use instructions
1 – Surface must be dry and free of dust
2 – It is recommended to wear protective gloves
3 – Measure equal part resin and hardener.
4 – Stir equal part resin & hardener together, 5-8 minutes.
5 – Add pigment if desired
6 – Pour the epoxy in mold or on your canvas.
7 – Use Acetone or Sanitizer to clean surface
8 – 30 minutes of working time, 24 hours of cure time

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