Dotting Tool Set – 5pcs


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Dotting Tool:

This is an innovative little toolset that can be used for quite a few hobbies and crafts. It is well known to embossers as the ball-head is used in pewter embossing, sculpting and modelling. Paper embossing is another craft where you will need this tool and even graphite artists can use this to indent the paper. The rounded tip protects the paper from cuts and tears, making the stylus an excellent tool for tracing images. Use it with transfer paper to transfer your image to your preferred surface.

Dot art is a new way to use the tool and even nail artists use it to create nail art! Ever tried creating Mandala patterns? Both the stylus and the dotting rod can be used to create Mandalas.

This is perfect for painting dots on rocks, canvas, seashells or gourds, making dots or blending seams in clay and embossing patterns.

Dotting Rods:

  • Various sized dotting tools, great for beginners.
  • Made of durable, acrylic material.
  • Suitable for paper, wood, canvas, fabric, metal, furniture and wall art.
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