Ghost White Silicone Candle Mould – Large Cylinder 100x65mm


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Silicone moulds are a flexible silicone rubber that can be used with wax, soap, cement, concrete, polymer clay, polyester resin, polyurethane resin and epoxy resin. These silicone moulds are flexible and re-usable.

This mould size are  about 65mm in diameter, 100mm high , inner diameter: 60mm

● Wide Application: This cylindrical mold not only is suitable for making various styles of candles, but also fit for making soap or small animals and plants specimens or DIY handmade ornaments crafts. You can add some sequins, glitter, gold foils, dried flowers to design your distinctive works.

● How to Demold: After the candle is completely dry, soak the mold in the soap warm water and then rinse with cold water to make it release from the mould easier

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