Ghost White Silicone Candle Mould – Abstract Face 91x83x76mm


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Silicone moulds are a flexible silicone rubber that can be used with cement, concrete, polymer clay, polyester resin, polyurethane resin and epoxy resin. These silicone moulds are flexible and re-usable.

This mould size are about 83mm wide, 91mm long, 76mm thick, 56mm inner diameter.

● Usage: Specially designed for candle making; also fit for making soap, polymer clay craft, home sculpture decoration, epoxy resin items, etc.

● Multi-purpose: It works well with hard wax, epoxy resin, plaster, bakery materials. You can add some embellishments, such as gold foil, mica powder, stones, glitter, sequins, dry flowers, pigments, rhinestones to design your distinctive craft works.

● Easy to Demold: Waiting for the candle mould is fully cured, squeezing the sides gently to make your candle come out easily.

● Repeated Use: After using this candle making mould, clean it with hot water and detergent; then scrub the mould with a soft cloth to remove wax residue.

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