Blue Silicone Mould – Large Africa 355x250x9mm


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Silicone moulds are a flexible silicone rubber that can be used with wax, soap, cement, concrete, polymer clay, polyester resin, polyurethane resin and epoxy resin. These silicone moulds are flexible and re-usable.

This mould size are  about 355mm long, 250mm wide, 9mm thick.

● Material: Made of silicone material, durable and flexible, not easy to break, can be used for many times.

● Fit for: Ideal for resins, polymer clay, wax, And the finished works is suitable as a distinctive cup map or gifts for yourself, friends and family.

● Easy to use: Just pour the resins to the map mould, perfect to décor with dry flowers, sequins and keep them static to wait for being completely modified.

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